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Interconnectedness Cafe...

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...where my charming friends say:

Cliff:           'Synchronicity'
                   'The Presence'
                   'In Search of Lost Time' (in honor of the Proust novel)
                   'The Awakening'  
Paul:           'Consequence'
Quinn:        'Fractured Ubiquity'
Anton:         'The Shell', 'The Scream', 'The Well', 'The Hand', 'The Trumpet', 'The Spring', 'The Silk', 'The Lake', 'The Whirlpool'...
Steve:          'Labiallusion'
                     'Womb with a View'
                     'Gleaming Sanctum'  
Dodo:           'The Beauty of Female Reproductive Organs' ... the final title still in Dodo's creative thinking process.
Martina:       'A Tadpole'
                      'The Fever'  
Nina:             'Riverglass'
Sandi:            'The Eye within the Eye', 'I within I', 'A Look Under the Last Veil of the Objective', 'Cascades of Reality', 'Eye of a Stormbringer', 'Retrospective Gaze'. It's very subtle and dacanting. I see the eye, a mask, a face and something like tremors at the same time. 'Tremors/Cues of Coexistence' 
Kombi:           saw him and the author of the artwork in a very high temperature romantic position. 'Non Stop' was the final comment.
Dado:            'The Eye of a Beautiful Supernatural Being'
Bib:                'Fool Moon'
Enigma:         'Something dropped into the water, made the still surface waved' 
                        'A drop of water capturing thousands of colors from somewhere'
Enigma's friend:    'Two Little Aliens Kissing'
                                 'Two Drops Becoming One'
Damir:             'A Little Alien' 
Bojan:             'The Monkey'
Bernie:            'Suffocating in the Multiplast'
                         'Crystal Veil'
                         'Condemned by a Soapbubble'
Lon:                 'Reflecting Pool for the Sirens of Titan'
Guilherme:     'Egyptian Sarcophagi Immersed in Water'
Sasa:               'From the Carribean across the Mediterranean to the Pacific Ocean'
KOcho:             'It appears to me as being drunk to death plus under the influence of illegal substances looking at the clock unable to recognize what the clock says'
catt:                  'It looks like various reflections of lights in a puddle into which a drop has fallen'
Jason:               'I see the depth of layers formed by human conflict. I hypothesize that people define themselves in part (if not totally) by the conflicts occur between their minds (emotion, values, morals, thoughts) and their body (reproductive drive, physical gratification, etc.) The center of this radially balanced work speaks to me as being the "core" or the point of clarity/balance. Meanwhile the chaotic wave like cellular structures emitting from the core strike me as being a realization of both mental and physical chaos with the darker blues and reds being of a more internal mind based nature and the light blues, greens and whites speaking for the physical. While these structures can serve as positive defining elements, it is also very possible that they serve as barriers keeping the individual perpetually frozen in a state of self that is inconsistent with the self that they desire to be.... just some thoughts :P'
Robb:             'I see the reflection of the human self in struggle.'
Stane:            'Roman Park'
More to come...
P.S. The word "alien" in all the visions above doesn't mean an unnaturalized foreign resident of a country but a resident of some distant planet from outer space.
I'm very happy to inform you that at the moment our project is connecting people from these exotic destinations:

United States, Slovenia, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, France, Finland, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Argentina, Kuwait, Colombia, Chile, Thailand, Switzerland, Uruguay, Spain, Philippines, Russian Federation, New Zealand, Romania, Islamic Republic of Iran, Norway, India, Portugal, Venezuela, Hungary, Mexico, Turkey, Yugoslavia, Singapore, Austria, Republic of Korea, Latvia, Israel, Bulgaria, Malaysia, South Africa, Japan, Chech Republic and Bahrain.

Please let me know if you miss your's.
Special thanks to my friend Cliff who kindly features the project at his Reality Carnival, to Richard at his Art Deadlines List and to each one of you who spread it all around the globe.