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Interconnectedness Project: Entitle Untitled

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I am interested in art, mathematics, the human mind, and our perceptions of reality. In this experiment, I'd like you to stare at the image below and then send me a possible title for the image. By studying trends in proposed titles for the image, we can learn how people from different cultures look at reality from alternate perspectives. Perhaps we can even learn something about the awesome depths of the human mind.



I started our spiral query among my friends in the worldwide famous Clifford Pickover Discussion Group. The first top 5 brave guys who dared to response were:
Cliff, Paul, Quinn, Anton and Steve
followed by chance of the appearance by:
Dodo, Martina, Nina, Sandi, Kombi, Dado and Bib (both from our juicy Anavrin band), Enigma, Enigma's friend, Damir, Bojan,  Bernie, Lon, Guilherme, Sasa, KOcho (juicy Anavrin ),  catt, Alenka,  Andrej,  Jason, Robb, Stane, Franci,  Jernej,  David H.,  Coby (juicy Anavrin), Crypto, Danielle, JazzflyBrolen, Breda, Esme,  Greg, Iaohannes, Caustic, Levi Tate, Carnendil, Mimas, Caustic (again), Tom, Mugwai, Joseph, Tonewah, Julian, Chad, containimated, Bat, cossmos19, wil, me2, Paulaja3,  fReeky, harry, one man band,  Cliff (again), BENG, Curious,  Bimbo Bop, Jeth, TorvardCraig, Craig (changed his mind)  Dare, kinnut, trey,  David H. & Jernej (provided us with English translations of their contributions), Kramer, moonsky, mud man,  dd, m, school girls, jen, J4CK and Kate.
Ah, and now you wonder what came across their wonderful minds...
Some people were begging me for your visions. Ok, to feed the curiosity, here are some... But, wait a minute, you don't want to be influenced by some others' visions, right?
So first: take a deep look, share your unique vision with me and AFTER that check if your vision matches the feelings or thoughts of someone else in our Interconnectedness Cafe here.
When you'll come back here next time you'll find more of your wonderful feelings and thoughts which will make our days more colorful.
We are also interested in:
a) how many people we have to ask before two or three people  provide us with the exactly same vision (if ever) - 54, 5489, a billion?
And if we dare to dive deeper - 
b) if that's the case, what that fact might tell us: that these two or three... human beings are THE perfect match or something else?
Feel free to let us know about your predictions and thoughts. Whether by yourself or in a compatible togetherness.
Use your hypertool and enlighten us in the language you love the most - Sanskrit, Hebrew, Slovenian, Nobel, Pascal...
If you experience a lack of expressions for your visions trying Earthlings' languages - no problem! - use the Klingon or invent one of your own. 
Let's fly on wings of our imagination!
And have a beautiful day,