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In the Studio 4 at TV Slovenija (my working place)
Photo by Sinisa Rancov.


Shortly about me:

B. A. degree in painting from the Arthouse - College for Visual Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenija.

My theoretical as well as practical work focuses mainly on symmetry as a linking concept between art and science.

Through my art/work I wish to convey my experiences, feelings, knowledge etc., connected with the research results of different disciplines to all who are, regardless of their basic profession, interested in exploring the way our universe and nature operate. In this manner I wish to contribute to the awareness of certain given caracteristics such as, for instance different kinds of symmetry, the golden mean or the Fibonacci sequence, connected with it, which may be encountered in nature, natural sciences and art.

In my artworks I also explore how the use of various formal elements of artistic expression (lines, colors, structures, etc.) influences perceptual (in)stability of compositions, employing contemporary computer technology as well as clasical painting techniques.

Some of my artworks can be seen at

As a freelance artist I live and work in Ljubljana, Slovenija/Europe.

S.n.a.i.l... mail: Teja Krasek

                        Ob zici 7  

                        SI-1ooo LJUBLJANA, Slovenia/Europe

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