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1991 Mestna galerija Ljubljana (student exhibit)

1992 Grad Sneznik (student exhibit)

1993 Jelovskov likovni salon, Ljubljana (student exhibit)

1994 Ex tempore Dolsko '94

1995 Jelovskov likovni salon, Ljubljana:

M. Teja Krasek, Franci Novak, Primoz Piskar*;

Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana: 'LUC VSEM 95' (organized by

Lions Clubs, Slovenija);

Ex tempore Sorica 95 (School for Drawing and Painting, Ljubljana /SFDP/ Arthouse- College for Visual Arts, Ljubljana)

1996 Jelovskov likovni salon, Ljubljana (student exhibit)

1997 Ex tempore Bovec (SFDP);

Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana: 4th Festival of Science:

Science and Art (organized by Slovenian Science Fundation)

1998 Ex tempore Ljubljana (SFDP);

University 'La Sapienza', Rome (Italy) Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea: International conference Escher98: Homage to Escher;

(Poster Presentation: Searching for Order in Quasiperiodicity);

Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana: 5th Festival of Science (organized by Slovenian Science Fundation)

2000 AGORA Ljubljana: Paintings. Solo exhibit

Leonardo Journal (MIT Press, Cambridge, MA),Vol.33:1, 2000:

Leonardo Gallery: Homage to Escher (curated by Michele Emmer).

Leonardo on-line (ISAST) virtual exhibit: Homage to Escher

SIAB 2000, IVth Student International Art Biennial, Skopje;

Galeria D' Art ZERO, Barcelona (Spain): Art and Technology

2001 Galeria D' Art ZERO, Barcelona:
'Variations of 36' (solo exhibit);

Galeria D' Art ZERO, Barcelona: SUMMER 2001.

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics, Ljubljana:

'Thirty-six Degrees' (solo exhibit);

Galeria D' Art ZERO, Barcelona: 'About Prints and Photographs';

Galeria D' Art ZERO, Barcelona: 'SMALL=BIG IV' (30.11. 01 15.1. 02)

2002 Kivipankki Gallery, Jamsa (Finland):
'Up to Kivipankki';

Holtzman Art Gallery (University of Towson, USA):

Bridges: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music and Science

2004 Moray College Gallery, Elgin (Scotland): Interactions (solo exhibit)*

Orkney Islands - The 14th Orkney Science Festival. Teja Krasek's artworks and work presented by Elizabeth Woodcock.

2005 Atlanta, GA (USA): The Joint Mathematics Meetings - Exhibit of Mathematical Art. See beautiful photos of the exhibit by John Sullivan. See higlights of the JMM.

TV Slovenija/Radio Slovenija Gallery, Ljubljana: "Kaleidoscopic Fragrances". Solo exhibit.

XX. Congress of International Union of Crystallography. Art and Crystallography, Firenze.  With a kind help of TE-TOL and Di.Tisk. See PHOTOS.

Stromness, Orkney Islands (UK). 'Symmetry Through The Street' (solo exhibit).  In organization of The Orkney Science Festival and Pier Arts Centre. Read about in UK media: 1, 2. See a few PHOTOS.

Milano (Italy). Generative Art Conference.

2006 San Antonio (TX, U.S.A.). The Joint Mathematics Meetings, Exhibit of Mathematical Art.

Atlanta (GA, U.S.A.). G4G7 -  Gathering for Gardner.

Ljubljana, TV Slovenija Gallery.' Silky Whisperings'. Solo exhibit.

London (UK). Bridges 2006 - Exhibit of Mathematical Art.

Madrid (Spain). M.C. Escher Exhibition. (Dec 06- March 07). My artwroks electronically displayed as part of the exhibit.

2007 New Orleans (LA, USA). Joint Mathematics Meetings - Exhibit of Mathematical Art.

Zurich (Switzerland), 11 International Conference Information Visualization

Bangkok (Thailand), 4th International Conference Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization

2008 Atlanta (GA, U.S.A.). Gathering for Gardner

    NanoArt 2007 International Online Contest Winners


*Published on Slovene National TV

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