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The Long Lasting Sunset



of the most beautiful dreams

is flying towards the sunset.

Following the carmine red sky all night

and the purple red sun,


by the diamonds of golden lustre and clouds of pinkish white

or maybe violet, resembling the angel of beauty and

spreading over the never-ending horizon.


Do U know the sunset followers,

the air beauties, the air spirits?

The grace of the sunset is their food, their Existence.

They keep following the sunset,

for all times, bathing in the sunset eternally...

The sunset followers.


Like a bird among birds, U may fly with them,.....

all night U may swim in the beauty of the sunset.

Catching the sunset light with the sunset followers,

changing with every moment, becoming more and more beautiful.

Sometimes golden, sometimes pink, sometimes carmine,

sometimes purple, silver and rose,

and violet, shining and revolving,

the most beautiful gift of all – the sunset.
                                               --Alan Asta, Spomini z druge strani
                                                 (Memories from the other Side)