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Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana.
         5th Festival of Science (Slovenian Science Fundation):

Searching for (a different kind of) Order in  

SAZU (Slovenian Academy of Science and Art
         Ljubljana. International Colloquium for Graduate and
         Postgraduate Students (Org. by Slovenian Society for
Symmetry a Linking Concept Between Art and Science
         at the End of the 20th Century.

Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana. Symposium: Where
         is Art Theory? (Org. by College for Visual Arts and Faculty of
           Architecture, Ljubljana): 
Symmetry a Connecting Element Between Disciplines. 
(Published in the volume Kje je likovna teorija? 
         [Where is Art Theory?], ed. J. Bonca).

Slovenian Science Fundation SSF Friends Club:
The Role of Artists and Scientists in Times of War.
(Published at Leonardo On-Line and in Leonardo
         Journal, Vol. 35:2.)

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Ljubljana.
         (Seminar for Discrete Mathematics):

Collaborations Between Artists and Scientists
           (Example: Penrose Tilings).

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Ljubljana.
Seminar for Discrete Mathematics):
M.C. Escher's Legacy: A Centennial Celebration.
         Eds. Doris  Schattschneider and Michele Emmer
         (Springer 2003).
         Presentation of the book and CD Rom

2004  Moray Science Festival 2004, Elgin (Scotland):

         Art and Symmetry

         Jurij Vega and His Time: International Meeting  on

         History of Mathematics and Science, Ljubljana. 

         Symposium Mathematics and Art:

        A(SYMMETRY) Collaborations Between Artists  

        and Scientists (see Photo by Tomo Pisanski)

2005 Orkney Science Festival:

         A(SYMMETRY) and other Challenges - Artists  

         and  Scientists Walking Hand in Hand.



1994  Ex Tempore Dolsko 94
1995  Sorica 95
1995  MOL, Ljubljana
1998  Ex Tempore (College for Visual Arts , Ljubljana)


ISAST (International Society for the Arts, Sciences and 

-  FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists)
-  IAC (International Art Collective)


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