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Teja's S




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* 'Simetrija - povezovalni koncept med disciplinami'.
Kje je likovna teorija:
    zbornik referatov v pocastitev spomina na profesorja Milana  
. Ur. Jaka Bonca. Visoka strokovna sola slikarstva, Ljubljana

* 'Simetrija povezovalni element umetnosti in znanosti ob koncu
    20. stoletja'. C
asopis Arthouse. Visoka strokovna sola
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* 'Kaleidoscopic Fragrances: Art, Mathematics, Science and Technology Interactions'. 'Generative Art Conference Proceedings', Milano 2005.


* Museum of Harmony and the Golden Section:
Mathematical Connections in Nature, Science, and Art

* Pi Mu Epsilon Journal From the Right Side, Spring 2003.

* A. Stakhov, A. Slucenkova, I. Serbakov: The Da Vinci Code and Fibonacci Series. Piter, Moskva 2006.
* Pi Mu Epsilon Journal, (From the Right Side and A Review of C.A. Pickover: The Mobius Strip). Fall 2006. 


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